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Tested live with the bears at the Grizzly Discovery Center (GDC), West Yellowstone, Montana during March, 2003. 

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Sam trying to crush the pannier with his 825 lbs. Note that his front and back paws cover the entire length of the pannier.

He is standing on the small edge (12"x18") of the pannier. Check out Sam's long claws.

Stoke says 'give me a turn.'

Sam says 'no way, its my box and I want the treat.'

The pannier after 3 hours with 5 bears.

The dent just below the white paper sign on the edge of the pannier.

On the other corner another dent in the lip just below the latch.
Sam and his sister Illie (not pictured) are coastal brown bears from King Salmon, AK. They arrived at the GDC because as cubs they survived on human food and became nuisance bears. Stoke is a grizzly bear from British Columbia, orphaned as cub and brought to GDC. Sam and Illie are seven years of age, while Stoke is eight. Sam weighed 825 lbs. and is the dominate bear; thus, he worked on the pannier almost the entire two hours and 45 minutes. Illie weighed 700 lbs. and Stoke weighed 500 lbs. Sam tried many times to crush the pannier by frequently standing on it. None of these bears were successful in gaining entry to the fish and peanut butter found inside the pannier.

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