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Tested live with the bears at the Grizzly Discovery Center (GDC), West Yellowstone, Montana during March, 2003. 

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Other photos with Sam and crew.

Preparing the pannier with fish and peanut butter.

Nakina standing on pannier, brother Kobuk waiting his turn.

Kobuk taking his turn on top of the pannier.

Standing didn't work, how about my claws, they are long.

My claws didn't work, how about my teeth, they are strong.

Kobuk contemplating his next move.

I'm strong, I'll slam the pannier to pieces.

Kobuk had no luck with anything he tried.
Nakina and Kobuk are grizzly bears from the interior of Alaska. At five years of age this brother and sister pair have been at the GDC since six months old. They are experienced at testing products used for camping or garbage disposal. In March of 2003, Nakina weighed approximately 400 lbs.; her brother, Kobuk was slightly bigger at 450 lbs.

Next test was with Sam and crew.



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